Yesterdays's Horoscopes

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  • Aries Aries Horoscope for Yesterday

    Sometimes, when we feel restless or anxious, we become much less discerning about any sudden changes we instigate or experience. We sense something must change and sooner than later. Impatience or impetuousness then kick in and we can end up wishing we'd shown a bit more restraint. Where you might feel an urge to ring a sudden change, try to see the benefits of applying patience. A process is unlikely to happen as instantly as you want it to.

  • Taurus Taurus Horoscope for Yesterday

    It's possible that only people of a certain age will remember the '80s disco anthem, “The Only Way is Up.“ The words imply that rock bottom was reached and a certain tide is about to turn. Although the sky doesn't imply you've reached rock bottom in any way, it does suggest that you are on the bottom rung of a certain proverbial ladder. The pace at which you make progress can be dictated entirely by you. That's good news.

  • Gemini Gemini Horoscope for Yesterday

    There could be something more reassuring than daunting about knowing you must understand or learn something new at this time. It may have been helpful or possibly convenient to allow others to take the initiative or manage something you weren't familiar or had little experience with. Now, you could see the benefits of taking the initiative to become more knowledgeable or enlightened. Once you start, you may wish you started sooner.

  • Cancer Cancer Horoscope for Yesterday

    A chain, as they say, is as strong as its weakest link. When we form part of a collaborative effort or process, it can be difficult initially to spot the weak links or where responsibility is shouldered more by some people than others. You could be more aware of a weakness or flaw in a shared plan than others are. Do you keep this information to yourself, or speak up? That answer could become clear shortly.

  • Leo Leo Horoscope for Yesterday

    What's glaringly obvious to you could be something a certain person is oblivious to. Whether it's proverbial writing on the wall or the direction something is heading that instills a sense of urgency or fear, it might be necessary to take the initiative to steer what someone is perhaps a bit too relaxed about for your liking. Their apparent lack of concern could cause you to wonder if they know something you don't. If it has been some time since you had an open discussion or compared notes, then this is an ideal time to do either or both.

  • Virgo Virgo Horoscope for Yesterday

    It's fascinating and daunting to think that, as individuals and a race, we evolve with each passing second. Often, much of the progress we make is so gradual that it appears invisible. That's why time-lapse photography can be so interesting to watch. In your world, you could mistake a gradual process for inactivity. Just because you can't see immediate results doesn't mean something potentially spectacular and far-reaching isn't unfolding slowly in the background. Expect soon to become more aware of this.

  • Libra Libra Horoscope for Yesterday

    You could be unwilling to rock any boats at this time and quite happy responding in accordance with others' expectations and requirements. Fortunately, this can help you to gain a clearer understanding of what's going on and the role you can play in a collaborative or group setting. You bring creativity to a plan or project that can exceed others' expectations of you. If you convey your thoughts or ideas confidently and resist a hurried approach, then the results could be impressive.

  • Scorpio Scorpio Horoscope for Yesterday

    Although you could have a reason to feel powerfully inspired, you may also choose to adopt a calmer, more strained demeanor. An exciting opportunity could lift your spirits, boost your confidence, or fire your imagination in some way. Something could have you champing at the bit now or shortly, and your passionate enthusiasm for it will likely very be apparent to all. This isn't luck. You've earned it.

  • Sagittarius Sagittarius Horoscope for Yesterday

    Focused determination could evolve into powerful emotions if you take on too much at once. By all means, don't suppress feelings but don't allow them to have too much control of what you say or do, either. Your head and heart can work successfully in tandem if you don't allow one to have a louder voice than the other now. The same applies to input coming from others – more effective choices or decisions can be made when you have more than one point of view to consider.

  • Capricorn Capricorn Horoscope for Yesterday

    Your annoyance regarding someone's inflexible attitude or determination to pursue an illogical argument could be clear but this can subside if you decide not to let it get to you. You can respond positively without letting someone beat or bring you down. Your refusal to release negativity keeps any lines of communication balanced and copacetic. Choose compassion over defensiveness.

  • Aquarius Aquarius Horoscope for Yesterday

    Try to be self-aware without being self-conscious at this time. You might need to accept certain limitations or restrictions where your knowledge of something is concerned but time is on your side to brush up on or gain the knowledge you need. An honest approach to tackling this shortfall confirms to others that you're intent on doing something properly. This will not only be appreciated but could also be integral to you gaining support where you may need it.

  • Pisces Pisces Horoscope for Yesterday

    The competitive attitude you bring to a challenge can inspire others and you probably won't compromise on your ideals - or back away from a battle of wits or wills. The passion you bring to a certain endeavor means you're playing to win, even if the outcome is unpredictable. However, something this important to you means you'll give it your all. Start as you mean to go on.