Keep your Scorpio Woman Happy

How to Make a scorpio woman happy?

In order to make a Scorpio woman happy, it is essential for a man to understand that she is very emotional, spiritual and insightful. Her insightfulness allows her to perceive when someone is being truthful or honest, so you don’t want to attempt to fool her into thinking things are any different than they are. Remember, once you lose the trust of a Scorpio, there is no turning back. They are very emotional, and once you hurt a Scorpio they will hold that against you for a lifetime. No matter how hard they might try it will be impossible to undo any damage you did with your act of betrayal or unkindness. In order to make a Scorpio woman happy the man must have confidence and be able to project that image to the Scorpio woman. Scorpio is a very strong sign that has the need for a mate who is just as strong. He must exhibit confidence and have the ability to stand on his own two feet or the Scorpio woman will take advantage of him. The more confidence a man has in himself, the more attractive he will be to a Scorpio woman.

Scorpio women like men who show bravery and loyalty. While a Scorpio woman is brave in her own right, she will conceal this part of her personality from you and anyone else with whom she may have contact—at least on the outside. She will respect and have a burning and passionate love for you if you prove to her you are brave and are willing to fight for any cause in which you believe and are passionate.

Scorpio woman dislike men who are weak and have trouble making good decisions—or any decisions as far as that goes. The Scorpio woman wants and needs a man who has specific purpose and direction. She wants a man who knows what he wants from life and knows what he must do to achieve those goals. She has no time or use for a man who is weak, lacks ambition and has no idea what he wants to do with his life. Scorpio women will not show a romantic interest in any man they perceive as weak and indecisive. When you are in a romantic relationship with a Scorpio woman, you want to take her to places that stimulate her mind and provide plenty of opportunity for conversation between the two of you. She will enjoy going to places such as museums, art galleries and other types of displays that challenge her emotionally and intellectually. These women want to form a partnership with men who are able and willing to connect with their bodies and their minds.

When you are with a Scorpio woman, you need to be very sexual and affectionate. The Scorpio woman is very sexual as well as sensual, so you want to get her attention by touching her arm, engaging in passionate kisses and learning to read her body language. When you engage in sex with a Scorpio woman, you want to delve deeply into the act and show passion. It is essential for a man in a romantic relationship with a Scorpio woman to have a high libido and show her how much he desires her.

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