Love and Romantic Horoscope

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  • Aries Aries Romance Horoscope

    Will an unexpected development shake or rattle your emotional world or a special connection this week? That depends on how realistically and pragmatically you handle whatever occurs. It also depends on whether you can spot the opportunity for passionate progress or closure where either might be needed. Something or someone could try to knock your confidence. Whether it or they succeed is up to you. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Taurus Taurus Romance Horoscope

    You have a Full Moon in your sign and the Sun affecting relationships and commitments linking to erratic Uranus. Emotions could run high. What you may have thought was solid and secure in an existing or a budding relationship could reveal something shaky or changeable that needs addressing. It might feel as if much is volatile in your love life, and you must wait for chaos to settle. But trust that powerful change is manifesting – and it's positive, helpful, and timely. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Gemini Gemini Romance Horoscope

    If anything connected with matters of the heart or a close relationship feels restrictive, then try to focus on ways to be more imaginative and resourceful. Venus influences love, romance, and profound, heartfelt expressions. So, make the most of this Venusian magic by adopting a more emotional, affectionate approach to expressing thoughts rather than doing so intellectually. When you see what results from doing so, you could be grateful for any brief restrictions experienced. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Cancer Cancer Romance Horoscope

    If you're single, then the Full Moon could highlight the need to make a decision about a friend. If your heart's intuition tells you the time's right for something to go from platonic to passionate, then this could mark the start of something special - and possibly quickly! But whether you're single or spoken-for, Venus adds comfort to your emotional foundations. Whatever may have caused you to feel anxious or insecure could show reassuring signs of becoming more secure and stable. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Leo Leo Romance Horoscope

    Whether you're single or attached, a step that you appear to be considering is one you're unlikely to treat or take lightly. But be aware of how a sudden decision could put you in the spotlight and attract attention from others. If there's somebody you want to open up to or it has been some time since you reminded the one you love about how special they are, then Venus is at hand to help you express yourself sweetly and eloquently. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Virgo Virgo Romance Horoscope

    Whether you're single or spoken-for, you may need to keep your love life or a special relationship apart from frustrating developments in other areas of your world. Remind yourself that there are limits to how much a lover or potential sweetheart will bear the brunt of frustration on your part. Also, remember that sudden, extravagant gestures to cheer yourself or a loved one up will probably bring temporary relief. Your cosmic mission this week is to remain calm, grounded, and sensitive. Being a better listener could help you achieve all three. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Libra Libra Romance Horoscope

    There's considerable focus on romantic, relationship, or intimate progress this week. You could either dare to be different or do something differently where matters of the heart are concerned. In fact, you could consider what you would do in normal circumstances and end up doing the complete opposite, just to see what happens. You're certainly emitting a very magnetic, likable, and affectionate vibe. But it's also important to remember that you won't win every argument, too. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Scorpio Scorpio Romance Horoscope

    You have a Full Moon affecting relationships, commitments, and partnerships. Its link with erratic Uranus could bring an out-of-the-blue development that knocks you for six, but possibly in all the right ways! Venus could also encourage you to adopt a more unconventional approach to matters of the heart. You could feel an urge to take a romantic or intimate risk - but do your best to ensure this isn't taken hastily or irresponsibly. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Sagittarius Sagittarius Romance Horoscope

    You might need to take stock of friendships, possibly one in particular, and the impact they have on your love life or a special connection. If you're single, then you could be aware that it's not necessarily a lover you want but someone with whom you can enjoy much fun, frivolity, and laughter. But if you're attached, whether it's you or a partner who applies more focus to friends or being sociable, then an open conversation might be necessary. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Capricorn Capricorn Romance Horoscope

    If you haven't recently experienced a surprise or twist in your love life tale, then one could arrive this week. But you could also put a stronger emphasis on how others view your emotional world or choice of partner. Should what others think matter so much? Don't rule out the possibility of reassessing your views on this. Maybe, it's time to form or strengthen a connection based entirely on what you feel, rather than what you believe others might think or say. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Aquarius Aquarius Romance Horoscope

    Even if you and the one you love can only dream about faraway places, it could still be inspiring and thrilling. You may also feel a strong desire to embark upon something mind-broadening. If travel causes a problem at this time, then collaborative learning could be fun and passionate. But don't let the Full Moon shaking your emotional foundations cause you to feel a prolonged sense of insecurity. You might have a sudden development to deal with. But adopting a patient and disciplined approach will help you overcome it with ease. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Pisces Pisces Romance Horoscope

    If you've tried to come up with the right words to say to a loved one or potential sweetheart, then you have superb cosmic support this week. But the trick is to avoid rehearsing your message of love and simply letting words emerge as they will. You also have the added bonus of Venus bringing comfort and sweetness to what you may have found difficult to face or accept. There's a strong emphasis on healing, closure, and moving forward with matters of the heart. Open, heartfelt expression blended with a bit of courage is your ticket to achieving each. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question