Love and Romantic Horoscope

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  • Aries Aries Romance Horoscope

    This week, relationships and commitments receive particular focus. But don't compare this need with a cold shower. You're right to consider where and to whom your support or loyalty should be aimed. But as the Moon grows full, affecting your most important one-to-one connections, you have a balance to find or create. Give emotions a chance to subside, and this will be easier. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Taurus Taurus Romance Horoscope

    Something unexpected unfolds with matters of the heart this week. Oops. Perhaps, I just made this less of a surprise! But a question you might ask yourself in light of this week's romantic or relationship development could involve “what to do next.” You have a chance to embrace change. If you decide it's a change you truly want, it could have "long-term" written all over it. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Gemini Gemini Romance Horoscope

    The Full Moon could draw your attention to a risk waiting to be taken. But you might be reluctant to do something bold if it means waving farewell to a comfort zone. Something in your emotional world or a special bond offers predictability that you might prefer to anything unknown. But can you not feel what's changing? See what the Full Moon confirms - or reveals. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Cancer Cancer Romance Horoscope

    This week, your emotional world or a special bond gets shaken and stirred. The Full Moon might feel more disruptive than helpful. However, regardless of what arrives unexpectedly, don't see it as a solid reason to doubt the security or stability in your love life. Also, if you deal with a family member who crosses a line in your personal world, focus on their good intentions, not what appears to be an invasion of privacy. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Leo Leo Romance Horoscope

    If a lover or potential sweetie needs guidance, you could be superbly placed to offer it. However, communication in the light of this week's Full Moon may involve managing the expectations of your paramour or a potential flame. You can play an essential part in helping them see circumstances realistically and in a balanced, sensible way. Don't skimp on this effort, Leo. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Virgo Virgo Romance Horoscope

    Change awaits, particularly with how you view yourself in a love relationship, valued you feel or what you know you can offer a future bond. An unexpected development could knock you off your feet – delightfully! If you've needed a sign that an ongoing challenge is on its way out, the Full Moon could bring it. But your boosted or renewed confidence could also play a big part in that. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Libra Libra Romance Horoscope

    A Full Moon illuminates your sign and could rekindle your passion or heighten feelings. You might also get a peek into what proactivity and effort from you can bring, regardless of your relationship status. Emotions might increase, but these can have positive and preferably pleasurable outlets. Defensiveness or confrontation won't get a look-in if you reject them. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Scorpio Scorpio Romance Horoscope

    The Moon grows full this week, affecting secrets and all you suppress. As Full Moons tend to do, something could be revealed or come into the open, marking a new chapter in your emotional past. But Luna's agenda is all about bringing to the surface what you might prefer to conceal. Emotional healing is on offer. What from your past can finally be released? Focus solely on that. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Sagittarius Sagittarius Romance Horoscope

    The Full Moon offers a positive, optimistic vibe. So, if you feel encouraged to reassess important romantic or relationship goals, a buoyant can-do attitude could work some magic on its own. Yet, despite all that you have to be grateful for or appreciative of, you could seek validation from others. Your love life is the sum of your choices. That makes it your business and nobody else's. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Capricorn Capricorn Romance Horoscope

    This week, there may be more emphasis on “results” or what your passionate efforts bring you. Whether single or spoken-for, a calm, imaginative approach to forming or strengthening a bond is the way to go, especially with a Full Moon adding fuel to emotions. But if you feel the urge to up the ante with what you receive with matters of the heart or flesh, the Full Moon insists that won't be a coincidence! --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Aquarius Aquarius Romance Horoscope

    This week, the universe has a plan to help you see your love life or a special bond in a more adventurous light. This cosmically-supported, fresh perspective can assist you in identifying what you need to change regarding how you satisfy your heart's and libido's needs. You're helped to adopt a more open, balanced mind to unexplored passionate opportunities. Believe they exist! --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Pisces Pisces Romance Horoscope

    The Full Moon could make you feel more vulnerable, so defensiveness or protectiveness could increase. But a stronger sense of security and stability appears determined to permeate your world, and facing a fear could be your first step to opening the door to let it in. But remember that emotional energy is rarely negative energy. Welcome what it helps you face and resolve. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question