Love and Romantic Horoscope

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  • Aries Aries Romance Horoscope

    Your ruling planet, Mars, changes signs this week. This can shift the passionate dynamic in a new and potentially thrilling way if you play your cards right. Love and intimacy are about to have a more intellectual feel. But don't think that will be boring. You could have sex on the brain more frequently - and find that one flirty conversation reaches a very new level! --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Taurus Taurus Romance Horoscope

    Although Mars may be packing its bags to leave your sign and move elsewhere, the passion planet's work isn't done quite yet. You could find your alluring qualities intensify and in a way that goes from sweet to ultra-intense! Single? If you can manage to be sociable in any way or trust what a trusted pal does on your behalf, then something magical awaits. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Gemini Gemini Romance Horoscope

    From Wednesday until April 23, passion-planet Mars works magic in your sign. It has been two years since the planet of fervent energy and red-hot intimacy paid you a visit. Whether you're single or attached, you're about to possess a stronger sense of courage and fewer inhibitions when it comes to matters of the heart. Attached? Collaboration will have so many sexy benefits. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Cancer Cancer Romance Horoscope

    From this week until April 23, your love and sex lives are about to become noticeably more private or secretive. What you do and who you do it with are about to become strictly your business. But they could also be subjected to a serious reassessment that will boost your passionate prospects. Nosy individuals are unlikely to get you to spill any beans for a while yet! --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Leo Leo Romance Horoscope

    If you're a single Lion, then finding and seizing love and intimacy opportunities rely on proactivity. As much as you might want a sexy paramour to land in your lap, you'll need to be more determined and ambitious than that! Attached? An inspiring idea or plan talked about for ages is about to receive an injection of determined energy! --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Virgo Virgo Romance Horoscope

    Whether you're solo or spoken-for, you look set to see a potential paramour or the object of your affections in a new light. This doesn't necessarily mean you're about to notice something you've been unaware of previously. But a lover's positive points could not only outweigh any negative ones, but they could also spur you on to want to form or strengthen your connection in new ways. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Libra Libra Romance Horoscope

    You might not be prepared to step in and assist the one you love this week. But the truth is, you want to. You might even prefer that someone close involves only you with whatever they need help and support with. Get whatever needs to be tackled and resolved out of the way. Then, see how your relationship strengthens because of your efforts. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Scorpio Scorpio Romance Horoscope

    Whether you're a single or an attached Scorpion, you have the power of love, Venus, and the planet of all-things-unexpected, Uranus, working brilliantly on your behalf this week. This planetary blend promises magical developments that you either thought were unlikely – or couldn't have possibly anticipated! Either way, prepare for the arrival of something sweet. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Sagittarius Sagittarius Romance Horoscope

    Space - in any way you can create it between you and a particular person - could work some magic during the coming days. Granting each other the freedom to do what inspires each of you individually is a fantastic sign of trust. But even if circumstances dictate that you and the one you love must be apart, remember that absence is known to make hearts grow fonder. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Capricorn Capricorn Romance Horoscope

    If you're aware of an important shared plan coming together between you and the one you love, then that could be the catalyst for pleasing developments on offer. Something you and the object of your affections believed held potential could give you a glimpse of what might be possible. That may be enough to spur you and your paramour on - and in possibly unprecedented ways. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Aquarius Aquarius Romance Horoscope

    Punching the air with delight - circumstances that involve doing that can help love to form or flourish. Something you and a lover pinned hopes on could fall into place or offer fantastic insights into where whatever you've created jointly is heading. Whether you're in a budding or an existing relationship, see how putting heads together in a new way makes you an even more terrific team! --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Pisces Pisces Romance Horoscope

    Your powers of attraction remain strong and buoyant. Where matters of the heart are concerned, you could see much through a more 'loved-up lens,' too. But you're not investing faith in what's airy-fairy or intangible. The new level of devotion you bring to your emotional world opens the door wonderfully to passionate potential waiting to be tapped into! --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question