Love and Romantic Horoscope

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  • Aries Aries Romance Horoscope

    Venus affecting your dreams, secrets and subconscious thoughts provokes passionate Mars influencing how you communicate and convey yourself. However, this offers a superb and timely chance to take mental stock of what you want romantically, intimately and relationship-wise. Venus and Mars want to help you process these feelings. Single? You could discover your inner needs have evolved. Attached? Someone you love needs an update. So, put them in the picture. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Taurus Taurus Romance Horoscope

    Venus, the planet of love and beauty, has a special way of influencing groups, friends and your social life this week. However, the beauty queen aggravates Mars, negatively affecting your sense of worth. So, you will feel better about yourself if you focus more on whoever and whatever makes you happy. Whether you're single or in a relationship, hone in on where you know you'll 'feel the love.' It's okay to put your needs and pleasures first! --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Gemini Gemini Romance Horoscope

    You could get closer to a lover or potential partner by taking responsibility for your part in relationships. Venus sweetens your strength and status while stirring defensive Mars in your sign. So, your ego may be primed, causing you to crave attention. But if this heightened energy manifests as impatience or angst, focus it healthily and, preferably, pleasurably. That might be how someone special gains a better understanding of what you need romantically and intimately. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Cancer Cancer Romance Horoscope

    Stepping outside a comfort zone injects fresh energy into your romantic life. Venus encourages you to see what opportunities exist to broaden your mind in any way. The beauty queen, however, provokes Mars, impacting your dreams, secrets and subconscious thoughts. As a result, your yearnings may push you to have a more in-depth and meaningful conversation with a lover to help understand each others' needs. The really good news? Passion and pleasure await! --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Leo Leo Romance Horoscope

    This week, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, influences your sexual energy. However, Venus also stirs Mars, impacting your social life and friendships. So, resist any urge to compare yourself to others, especially your love life. Are you putting pressure on yourself to meet your peers' romantic and intimate expectations? There is no proper or improper way to find or express love. So, don't worry about what others insist is right for you or think you should be doing. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Virgo Virgo Romance Horoscope

    This week, be aware of your power and influence. Beauty queen Venus, affecting your committed relationships, arouses passionate Mars, influencing your desire to control. So, you might exert too much effort with a lover, which may only become evident after you do it. It's more important to 'be there' for someone you love or want to be closer to than prove your ability to 'wear the pants' or steer something between you singlehandedly. That proof isn't needed, Virgo. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Libra Libra Romance Horoscope

    Loved-up Venus affects your daily routines and habits while irritating mighty Mars, pushing you to take bold, adventurous steps in the name of love. So, you could feel the urge to explore a new world you've never seen before with a lover. But, at the same time, you could be aware of what romantic or relationship patterns you'll disrupt by doing so. Is that such a bad thing, though? The love gods want to reward passionate proactivity. Don't let a fear of change hold you back. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Scorpio Scorpio Romance Horoscope

    Venus works sweet magic with leisure, pleasure and all things loved-up. But Venus also pokes mighty Mars, adding fire to your desires and libido. So, you might wonder if you deal with intense, passionate energy of the pleasurable kind - or if you are in the throes of something leading to confrontation. It could be a bit of both, to be honest. However, it is possible to harness this energy positively and pleasurably. Just trust your intuition if it tells you it heads elsewhere. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Sagittarius Sagittarius Romance Horoscope

    Venus, the planet of love and beauty, influences your inner needs while clashing with Mars affecting one-to-one connections. So, although you might feel comfortable having enhanced power within a budding or an existing relationship, that's not the way to make passionate progress. But here's a thought. There are ways to harness and focus this vibrant energy positively and pleasurably. That, my Archerian friend, I will leave to your imagination. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Capricorn Capricorn Romance Horoscope

    Venus affects how you think, talk and text while pushing Mars's buttons, influencing daily activities. This clash could create tension in a relationship, especially if you find plans made or particular routines you rely on become disrupted. But look on the bright side, Capricorn. Venus can help you come up with creative ideas or alternatives. You could inject fresh life into any routines that have become repetitive or dull. A short-distance journey might be on the cards, too. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Aquarius Aquarius Romance Horoscope

    Venus stimulates your confidence and self-worth. However, the beauty queen provokes passionate Mars affecting romance and pleasure. So, your idea of getting close to somebody could involve sweaty activity without clothing. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that as long as your needs aren't all about satisfying your libido. Carnal or lustful desires could override something tender and deep on offer. Try to ensure sweetness and affection play some part. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Pisces Pisces Romance Horoscope

    A potentially heated dynamic could arise with a close friend, lover or relative while Venus in your sign affecting your ego provokes Mars, intensifying your inner needs, home and family. Instead of acknowledging emotions emerging from within you, you could choose to project them onto others. So, hit the pause button before releasing anything toward anyone who doesn't deserve it. Heed your heart before making any assumptions or accusations, too. --> Ask 1 free Psychic Question