Scorpio Diet and Health Tips

Scorpio Diet and Health Tips

Scorpios are one of the most highly sexual people on the zodiac wheel. They pride themselves with their skills in bed and even out of it *wink-wink*. The mysterious demeanor adds up to their sex appeal and that makes them very irresistible. This is something traced back to the house that their zodiac rule. The zodiac Scorpio's house is said to rule rebirth and regeneration which means their sign is partial to the reproductive and the immune system. Their ruling planet, Pluto is strongly linked to sex and the reproductive function of the human anatomy.

That said, a Scorpio's diet should lean on food that will supply them with the nutrients that will support and protect these parts of their body. A healthy sex life is very essential to them but this is also something that would bring them diseases if they're not careful. Scorpios must remember to drink lots of water to cleanse their bodies and avoid urinary tract infections. They must also be aware of common venereal diseases because their lifestyle may make them susceptible to those. Also, keeping up with these type of activities will need a diet that will keep their energies running. Carbohydrates is a good source of sugar which the body needs to produce energy so make sure you include this in your diet. Most weight loss programs include a zero carb diet but a low carb one will work the same. Studies also show that no carb diets has a tendency to make people loose their cool easier. As for the regeneration part, an important mineral that the Scorpio needs is calcium sulfate. This plays an important role in healing tissues and fighting infectious diseases. It can help prevent complications related to the reproductive organ, mouth, nose and intestines. The lack of this mineral can result to colds and, if severe, even infertility. Some food that contain calcium sulfate are tomatoes, asparagus, onions, cauliflower and radishes. Fish and dairy should also be part of the diet for protein which makes up the rest of the minerals and amino acids the body requires.

This zodiac, which is a fixed water sign, is known to be very emotional at times. They keep to themselves and don't really share their problems so they are prone to depression. Their issues keep them down psychologically so, not surprisingly, many Scorpios have the tendency to overeat. Sweets are the first thing for female Scorpios whereas male Scorpios has the tendency to turn to alcohol and other similar vices. They should try to maintain a positive outlook in life and a good healthy diet will help wonders. It's ok to eat chocolates because it releases endorphins that makes you feel happy but you have to make sure you keep it to a reasonable amount. Studies has proven alcohol has positive effects and is also good for having fun with friends so try not to go drinking on your own to drown your problems away.

All in all, Scorpios are usually very disciplined when it comes to being in a strict diet so it's not much of a problem. It's their emotional state that might keep them slightly off track so they should keep that on check.


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