Scorpio Teenagers

Scorpio Teenagers

Dealing with a Scorpio Teenager

Generally, teenagers are hard to deal with. It's when they experience a lot of emotions that may be very confusing, at the least, for them to handle. It's when raging hormones are hardest to keep up with. Now imagine how a teenage Scorpio can be. Frankly, intense might be an understatement.

One thing about Scorpio teenagers is that they need and outlet to express themselves. They are deep thinkers but have a hard time letting their feelings out. If you're a parent, giving them a diary might be useful. Encourage them to write on their journal so even though they don't tell you everything, they have a way to let go of things that bother them. After that you can work on actually having them open up to you. Don't push. If you are a friend of a Scorpio teenager, you might want to keep them company as much as you can. They are deep thinkers but when left alone their thoughts might make a negative turn so surround them with positive vibes and good times.

A Scorpio teenager might not have many friends but a lot of people tend to like them because of their natural charisma. They are also loyal to friends and their friends know that. They are quiet and tend to be shy but they like being around bold and daring peers. They never forget any kindness that is done to them and they repay in a very generous way. On the negative side they can hold a mean grudge. They do forgive but they never forget. Do something bad to them and you are marked your whole life.

In school, they may not be on top of the class but they will be involved in different endeavors. They aren't very social but they would want to keep themselves busy and extra curricular activities will serve that purpose. They are, usually, intelligent people but there may be more important things for them like pursuing their interests. They have goals that they want to achieve. They are very determined people and they can reach their goals not by being the best in that particular area but by persevering. Once a teenage Scorpio likes something they can get obsessed and go after it until they have it. The hobbies they take up are challenging ones.

Expect them to go through every single detail in projects because they are observant and notice the smallest things. They also have an opinion about whatever's going on around them. From their last political debate in class to that girl on the second period's nose ring. Although this is the case, they don't really like to say what's on their minds. Being secretive and guarded in most things they do, it's hard to figure out what is they are thinking. They may come off as bitchy or high handed when they open their mouths because they prefer toss talk about the truth instead of nonsense.

Mood swings are something you should expect from them. They can be very unpredictable, brainstorming about projects one time and very quiet the next. At times they are very presentable and hardly go out without fixing themselves but they will also have moments when they go out and doesn't even bother combing their hair. They are confident in everything they do and everything they are including their appearances.

The teenage life can be the making or breaking point of a Scorpio. A well developed one can be a great addition to the community but a less mature Scorpio might cause more trouble than you expect. Parents and peers will play a big role about their development so if you're dealing with one, you need to tread carefully.


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