Scorpio Women and Careers

The Scorpio Career Woman

The passion, mystery and calm that a Scorpio man has is doubled by a Scorpio woman. The professionalism, even more so. Many Scorpio women has made their mark in their own fields. She may look quiet on the outside but she is full of great ideas she just can't wait to explore.

They know a good investment when they see one and they will work on it to the point of perfection. They make it a point to study every side of a cube before they decide which way to turn to fix it. As a Scorpio's generic trait, she is very cautious so whatever it is she wants to invest in will be turned inside-out and upside down to be scrutinized to the last aspect. Just to be sure. Most Scorpio women are good at judging a situation. She can be very good at handling money or can always make ends meet at the least.

Scorpios appreciate the finer things in life and she knows how to get them. She may seem reserved at first and even tight fisted but when she gets to the level she's aiming for and when she gets what she wants … she would indulge! Some would even call it bingeing, but who cares? And, also, why wouldn't she? She worked hard for what she has so she know she deserves only the best. She also has control over most things so she knows when to stop or when she is overdoing it.

Unlike other people who are usually good at doing one particular thing, the Scorpio female is very flexible when it comes to work. She is talented to begin with and tries to do more than one thing. And not surprisingly, she usually succeeds in all of them.

For most people, choosing a career means choosing what you're best at. For the Scorpio woman, it's really a matter of choosing where her heart lies. She may settle for the higher paying job at first but she will find ways to follow what her soul desires in the end. Or even at the same time. You might know a Scorpio woman who works at a bank but has a small patisserie on the side. That, right there, is a ruthless financial advisor with a sweet tooth. Or a marketing executive who writes on her free time to express the way she feels and earn a little cash on the way.

Bottom line, a Scorpio woman can do anything she puts her mind to. Little Miss Scorpio has goals and she knows how to get there. She doesn't dream of something and sits down waiting for it to fall on her lap. She makes sure she does everything she can for that to happen. On the same note, the female Scorpio always has a plan B. Or C. Or D. If one thing doesn't work out she wants to make sure she can get back on her feet and fast. A Scorpio woman eats, breathes and lives her chosen career. Whatever that is.


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