Scorpio Men in regards to love and relationships

The Scorpio man in love

A Scorpio is mostly seen as a scary and callous beast but underneath the rough exterior lies a sensitive persona that is often misunderstood and is just waiting for that right person to make him come out of the shell. He isn't really the type who is constantly at bars trying to meet women in search of his one true love but will not hesitate to commit once he met her. He will let his guard down as soon as he decides you are worthy.

Although he is calculating and reserved, it doesn't take long before a Scorpio male admits he is in love. As long as he feels he has found the right person he won't hesitate to show the world how affectionate and caring he can be. He will throw away all his reservations for that woman that would not only make his heart skip a beat but also make him feel loved and secured in the relationship.

A Scorpio tends to be a workaholic and will spend most of his time in an office rather than socialize and have fun. He sometimes see socializing as just another obligation he had to do fulfill. He has a very few and select friends because he is naturally suspicious so he prefers to spend quality time only with people he trusts. When in love, though, a Scorpio male's life can turn upside down, either by coincidence or by choice.

Once a Scorpio male decides he is with the right girl he can drop his work and everything else in his quiet and secure life to spend as much time as he can with her. He is the type that pampers and even spoils his lover, traveling to take her to exotic and quiet vacation places. He's not cheap and won't hold back on her so he would pick only the best he can get to please her. If it's adventure she wants he will leave his calm, routinely existence and just go head on.

The Scorpio male is also known to be suspicious and can even be jealous. One thing you shouldn't do is to make him doubtful in any kind of way. He is the type who will give a margin of freedom to the person he is with in the name of love and he will trust the one he loves with all his heart. Breaking this trust can break him and push him to show the negative side of the Scorpio lover. The best thing that can happen is that he will just return to his brooding self. The worst is that you can bring the self destructive and pessimistic side he always had.

This intense guy doesn't take anything lightly and that goes the same in love. Like work he can look at a relationship he chose to be in as an investment. He is very passionate and the passion he gives for work and other aspects if his life can be doubled for that one woman he will put on the pedestal. So make it count.


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