The Scorpio and Libra Cusp

People under the Libra-Scorpio cusp are those born between October 19-24. This is when changes happen from the transition of one sign to another. If the Scorpio - Sagittarius is complex sign, the Libra - Scorpio cusp is even more so. Their characteristics are known to lean on drama and criticism. Both signs are very passionate, owing to their ruling planets. Scorpio's ruling planet is Pluto, which is dark, mysterious and sexy; Libra's ruling planet is Venus which represents love and every good thing in life. Depending on the individual, one can inherit some of the great qualities of each zodiac. These cuspers can be powerful and achieve great things.

One thing they need to keep check is their pride. Having attributes of great caliber can do wonder's for someone's confidence but it can also get out of hand leading to inflated egos. These people like to get things done their way and can end up in argument with others. They tend to be perfectionists and critical so they usually can't help pointing out some things they don't agree with or ideas or methods that they think won't work out. Their critical side doesn't aim to demean or poke fun at others. They are just very particular and passionate about things that they're involved in. People sometimes avoid asking them for feed backs because of their "no holds barred" attitude when expressing opinions. The Libra side of this cusper can be vocal about their opinions which can cause even more issues that can eventually lead to drama. Being very different from each other, there is bound to be some sort of internal struggle within the Libra - Scorpio Cusper.Intellectually they are almost at the same level but emotional characteristics might be somewhat off. A Libra is sweet but tends to be rational whereas Scorpios are emotionally sensitive. Younger ones might find it hard tobalance those two but will eventually overcome it with their determination. This is one strong characteristic of these people.They can be passionate about a lot of things and once they put their minds on getting something they will not back down until they have it.

They usually excel at the things they do but they are usually best at being leaders. The Scorpio sign providing the intellectual and critical part of the personality and the Libra being the people person. They are also bound to excel working in the education field and doing social work. They have the drive not only to help but to make a difference. Librans always try to look their best and Scorpios are very sexual and takes care of their bodies. A cross between these two produces a beautiful individual, inside and outside. They are highly sexual and attractive.

Probably the biggest challenge this individual needs to face is trying to balance the emotions and skills and attitude that they have so they can use it for the best. If they can get the better part of each signs personalities, they can go to great lengths that will be the envy of any other cusper.


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