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  • Aries Aries Horoscope - Sunday, August 09 2020 Like This

    Self-care - we think we do enough of it, but that's rarely the case. You can benefit now from taking notice of one or two messages your body sends to you. If relaxing in a way that stimulates your senses appeals, then go for it. But you could benefit as much from pursuing an interest that inspires or excites you. This is a time to reacquaint yourself with yourself. Seize your chance to do so. Get a free astrological report

  • Taurus Taurus Horoscope - Sunday, August 09 2020 Like This

    A desire for a thrill could intensify at this time. Even if you're a creature of habit who enjoys and takes comfort from routines, an urge to be more adventurous or experimental could be too alluring to ignore. You don't need to do anything dramatic or excessive. But you can bring more depth to your world by exploring options that look set to be uplifting - or offer the adrenaline surge you want. Get a free astrological report

  • Gemini Gemini Horoscope - Sunday, August 09 2020 Like This

    If you thought you didn't hold influence or your input wouldn't be listened to, then you could be pleased to discover otherwise. Something you say or suggest could inspire someone in ways you didn't expect. Apply your persuasiveness within your world, too. If there is something to be discussed and negotiated, then your openness and willingness to listen could create the perfect climate. Get a free astrological report

  • Cancer Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, August 09 2020 Like This

    Exploring options to stimulate your mind and intellect could have a delightful knock-on effect to your confidence now. But if you're going to do anything that stimulates 'the old grey matter,' then make sure whatever you pursue or explore is pleasurable rather than done out of obligation. Don't rule out how connecting with your creativity can provide stimulation or inspiration you need, either. Get a free astrological report

  • Leo Leo Horoscope - Sunday, August 09 2020 Like This

    What's the definition of a workaholic? Perhaps, the most simple definition surrounds someone who works excessively long hours. Despite what you may think, you don't need to burn the candle at both ends to create more stability in your world. One idea applied to streamline your efforts in some way could bring a better result than burning midnight oil will achieve. You know you can't do that indefinitely. Get a free astrological report

  • Virgo Virgo Horoscope - Sunday, August 09 2020 Like This

    Rather than look at a shortfall or where results don't appear to be forthcoming, try stepping back briefly. There could be benefits to taking your foot off the gas and a realistic stock of momentum that you have created. Yes, results might not be manifesting as quickly as you wish they were. But if you do not already see evidence of it, the action you applied in some ways will soon bring or create a reaction. Get a free astrological report

  • Libra Libra Horoscope - Sunday, August 09 2020 Like This

    A truth that emerges now could be slightly disconcerting. But it probably won't take you long to accept that you're in a better position by knowing what you know rather than remaining oblivious to it. If somebody has been economical with the truth, then that could be apparent now or shortly. But, strangely, this could also help you to make a decision that you've pondered for a while and been unable to make until now. Get a free astrological report

  • Scorpio Scorpio Horoscope - Sunday, August 09 2020 Like This

    Some people genuinely struggle with receiving praise and compliments. It's also common for a response to be given that's negative or unfair. But in truth, a person offering a compliment or praise only expects two words in return. Those words are 'thank you.' One or two people's words might make you blush. But you'd probably be more concerned if you didn't feel as loved or admired. You've earned this. Respond in the right ways. Get a free astrological report

  • Sagittarius Sagittarius Horoscope - Sunday, August 09 2020 Like This

    If others come to you for input or advice, then there is likely a very good reason for this. Chances are, you're the first 'port of call' for several people in your world. It seems that, if they want sensible and accurate advice, then you're the best person to provide it. Yes, this might be distracting. But it speaks volumes about how highly regarded you are, and knowledgeable others believe you to be. Get a free astrological report

  • Capricorn Capricorn Horoscope - Sunday, August 09 2020 Like This

    If you've had to adhere to a strict schedule or burn candles at both ends recently, then you could find that a ball and chain are removed. That's bound to feel rejuvenating in itself. But if it frees you up to return your focus to a plan or project you had to push aside long ago, then that's the real icing on the cake. It's time to revive what motivates and inspires you that has been neglected for too long. Get a free astrological report

  • Aquarius Aquarius Horoscope - Sunday, August 09 2020 Like This

    You're probably aware of how priorities are changing, and it's likely someone is aware of this, too. There may have been a time when you'd spring into action at the first opportunity to do something. Now, it could hold little appeal or interest. But it would be helpful to look inward and assess honestly your reasons for your mojo diminishing in this way. If there's a deeper, underlying issue, then that may need addressing. Get a free astrological report

  • Pisces Pisces Horoscope - Sunday, August 09 2020 Like This

    Many hands can, at times, make light work. We know there are benefits to involving others in a plan or task that would have taken longer to do on our own. But there are also times when involving others means success must be divvied up between all involved. You're wise to enlist someone's help now. But also be willing to accept you had some help when the time comes to share success. Get a free astrological report