Winning the heart of a Scorpio Male

So you want to win the heart of a scorpio male?

Of all the astrological signs, it is realistic to say Scorpio men are the most misunderstood. When you date a Scorpio man, you can be sure your relationship will be full of passion and intensity, the type of relationship all females year for but few achieve. A relationship with a Scorpio man is one you are not likely to forget easily. However, before you can begin to work toward winning the heart of the Scorpio man of your dreams, you want to first learn about this sign and what they expect from a relationship.

While dating a Scorpio man can provide any female with an experience she is not likely to forget any time soon, it is also important to understand that Scorpio men are like all other men: they always conceal their true feelings and emotions. You will not find a Scorpio man telling his partner if he feels lonely and unfulfilled. One thing you definitely want to avoid is playing with the feelings of a Scorpio man. In other words, donít give him the idea you are interested in a close intimate relationship with him if that is not your intention.

It is not difficult to handle a Scorpio male, but you also need to understand they are very possessive and refuse to allow any woman to exert power over them. In order to assure yourself of the best relationship with a Scorpio man, allow him to be in charge of leading your romance. You can be sure when you are with him you donít have to worry about your safety because it is their natural instinct to be good protectors. You donít have to worry about any problems with your plans, either, because when you are with a Scorpio, things seldom go wrong.

Since a Scorpio can sometimes be moody, itís important for you to make sure you can tolerate this type of attitude. That means you must avoid nagging him about his attitude because he is very confused about his emotional state at that time. In spite of this minimal negativity in his personality, you should treat him well, taking care to make sure he knows he is very special to you. At the same time you donít want to be sentimental and mushy about small things; this is one of the many things that will intensely irritate a Scorpio man. You also need to be careful what you say and do around him because of his sensitivity and fragility.

Dating a Scorpio man can be either very intensely happy or very intensely unhappy; itís a heaven and hell situation. Once you learn how to stack the cards in your relationship things will never go wrong. While there is certainly the potential for things to go wrong at some point in time, donít look at his anger but rather be patient with him. Your goal should be to enjoy the relationship and strive to achieve the best one you possibly can.

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