ForePlay tips for the sensual scorpio

Most of the time it's the other zodiac that will find themselves seduced by the Scorpio. But these enigmatic people like to be teased too. If you want to keep your mysterious lover enchanted, you need to turn the table once in a while. Unlike the usual red blooded individual you need to work a bit more on the Pluto ruled people. Although they are great communicating with their bodies and they are naturally romantic and touchy and showy it takes more than a hot, naked body (although it helps, a lot) to heat up the room and get them in the mood. In teasing a Scorpio, you need to know how to stimulate their emotions and senses. Yep! By senses we mean that first 5 things you learned in school about the human anatomy. Touch, taste, sound, smell and the visuals.

Visual might be the easiest part to understand (and do). Look good. You may not be a hunk or beauty pageant material but there are ways to work around that. Pick clothes of colors and cuts that compliment your facial and body structure. Don't wear clothes you can't wear on your grandmother's birthday. They are very mysterious and love being teased so show just enough skin to make their blood boil but also make their minds wonder. Leave some (or a lot of) things to their imagination. They might already know what's underneath but let them unwrap you with their eyes. Make their heads spin and you'll have them on your heels fast.

Smelling good is always a turn on. Arouse their sense of smell by lighting candles in the bedroom or any part of the house you want to make love to ... or at least get it started with. Cinnamon is one scent you might want to try. It is believed to be an aphrodisiac although the effects aren't instant. It's just right, though, because Scorpios doesn't like to rush things anyway. Peppermint is another specially when they come in the form of bath soaps and shampoos.

Touch. Speaking of soaps and shampoos try to hit two birds with one stone. Give your Scorpio partner a bath or volunteer to shampoo their hair. The smell is believed to increase the posibility of multiple orgasms for women. Out of the bath, lightly brush your finger tips on your your partner's skin. Do circular motions or just run it up and down. This way of teasing always work. On a more romantic note, try slow dancing. You can do this even at home. Even if there's no music. That is actually the most romantic type of slow dance. Just hold each other and feel your bodies dance together in unison.

Sounds. Music is a way to express feelings and emotions so go ahead and make a playist of the songs you want to make love to. Look for subtle let's-get-it-on lyrics with smooth and soothing rythms. Try for jazz or soul or something that you can listen to over and over because you might want to relive the moment.

Taste. The best way to a man's heart is through their stomach is what they say. So where's the harm in trying. Again, try those food that are believed to be aphrodisiac. Oysters are cliche so try something new and ... not slimy. Pumpkin seeds can increase fertility and ex drive so go on and eat a handful and enjoy the night (or day) ahead.


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