Scorpio Parents

Scorpio Parents

Scorpios have a natural insecurity about being a parent. They tend to be scared to make mistakes so they are somewhat skeptical about having their own kids. There is no question about giving all the love they can but their reserved nature makes them wonder whether they can show how much they love their children. Things fall to place when they do become parents, though.

Scorpios are naturally strong and independent. This makes them a good foundation and example to their kids. Scorpios, although very emotional, are also strong. They can set a good pattern on how to overcome difficulties with pride and dignity. They can carry the weight of the whole family if deemed necessary. Whether it be financial or emotional troubles, their kids and the family can rely on the Scorpio parent to pull them up.

The dominant side of them comes out when they set rules in the house. When they say there will be punishment for any rule breaker they mean it. They are very strict and old fashioned. For younger generations, a lot of their decrees and regulations are obsolete but even in modern times they still prefer their kids to wear longer skirts or have no tattoos or not be seen kissing in public even they already moved out.

Like every aspect of their lives, Scorpio parents take their role very seriously. Their hard and stubborn attitude is owed to their fixed signs. This often poses a problem of being misunderstood by their children. Their rules are unbendable, specially if they are new parents. What they should do is to try to be a bit relaxed in setting rules. More importantly, they should base their rules in the present situation and not do things like their parents did with them. A Scorpio should be conscious of the age gap between them and their kids. Otherwise, the age is not the only big gap they will have. The last thing you want your kids to think about you is that you're a manipulative parent who wants to get things done his way (even if it really is what you want to happen).

Their observant nature helps them understand their kids and figure out if there's something amiss whether their kids tell them or not. They are a good provider of emotional support and can sympathize easily. They can easily listen and give advice to their kids but they should also open up to them to help form a bond. Tell them about your fears and plans for them. This can be awkward at first, specially for teenagers but letting them know how you feel, that you are not perfect and that you can relate to their worries will make them feel how sincere you are.

It takes more than your zodiac to tell whether you will be a good parent or not. They aren not scared of responsibilities. It's the love and affection part that scares them because, mostly, they don't know how to show it. Scorpios should not fear failing on this, though because parenting can actually help them develop an emotional intimacy that they never perfected during their carefree days.


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