How to Handle and avoid conflict in your relationship with a Scorpio Male

How to Make a scorpio woman happy?

Some of the most misunderstood people are born under the water element Scorpio. They put the truth in the saying silent water runs deep. They're not fond of explaining themselves either and would much rather keep things quiet. They are a bit mysterious in nature. This leads to a lot of conflict when it comes to relationships.

Not that they're a quarrelsome bunch. If anything, Scorpios try to avoid arguments or start a fight as much as they can. Throwing them insults normally don't work for them. They often choose to ignore childish and pointless reasonings. When they do speak, though, they are fierce and direct to the point you won't even know what hit you. They are very strong willed and always want to get the last word in an argument but, yes, they would rather keep quiet at first, often, until they are about to blow.

One thing you shouldn't do when in conflict with a Scorpio is offer a compromise. If you're the type who can settle then do so and agree with him but don't expect him to do the same for you. You don't want to fight fire with fire with this one. Sure he appreciates a woman who can speak her mind but with certain limitations. Scorpios tend to be intransigent. Once they make a stand they can be unbendable and will stick to what they believe is right. There is no in between. They are passionate and unyielding. If they need to take a different course in an argument, they will, just so they get the last word. In this case, probably the best way to resolve conflict with these mysterious and uber loyal men is to know how not to start a fight at all. Learn when to back out or step back from a heated argument before it blows up. Especially because Scorpios always try to support their reasons with facts and usually that make their arguments just. They don't go looking for trouble but Scorpios LOVE TO WIN.

A negative trait of a Scorpio is being naturally jealous or suspicious. That being said, you might want to make sure not to do anything that would make a Scorpio skeptical. Trust and loyalty is very important to him in every aspect of life whether it be business, friendship or a romantic relationship. These men love deeply and give everything to the person they believe is worthy, they will give you the benefit of the doubt but it's best not to push them. Once you loose that trust it will hard or most likely impossible to get it back. This goes the same to making false promises. Scorpios hold to promises and words so don't try to deceive him.

Finally, Scorpios are one of the signs that can hold a grudge for a long, long time so be careful how you act around one. Most especially if that someone is your partner. When these men get hurt it takes a while for them to recover. On the other hand, be a friend, a good lover and a confidant and he will forever repay you for with kindness and everything else he can give.


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