Scorpio and the ruling planets

Scorpio Ruling Planets

Each zodiac has ruling planets, moons and elements that are their own. Before the discovery of Pluto, Mars was believed to be the ruling planet of Scorpio. Now these two are co-rulers but most modern astrologers give more weight to Pluto. But what does this mean and how does it affect a Scorpio and his behavior?

For one, Pluto being the farthest planet from the Sun means it is kind of mysterious (they can't even decide if it's a planet or not, can they?) and so are Scorpios. You won't be able to reach them if you don't put an effort to it. He has a certain mystical charm and secrecy and tends to distance himself until he's sure you can be trusted. You'll have better chances of getting a date online after sitting in front of you computer in an hour than getting his number after having a few drinks with him at a bar the whole night. If you really want 'em bad you have to work for 'em, hey?

Pluto's energy is piercing and can be extreme whether it be used positively or negatively. That's why they are very passionate people. Pluto teaming up with Mars, a planet that shows passion and power, pushes them even more and gives them not just passion but the determination and power to achieve greater things. Mars is the go getter so to combine it's powers to a careful planner Pluto gives the right balance of energy. They won't give up easily and will only stop once they get results that fit their standards. This is one reason why most Scorpios are successful in what they do. They can be good business people and are often workaholic who are hungry to learn more in order to move forward with their ventures. Scorpios love to win in every aspect of life.

Although often unyielding and independent when it comes to opinions and beliefs, Scorpios' mood tend to rely upon the aura that surrounds them. They are best surrounded by a good and fun crowd and lots of positive vibes. Scorpios are fun to hang around with but can fall into deep depression when left alone. They are deep thinkers and this might not be good for an under developed Scorpio because, on the negative side, a Scorpio can be pessimistic and … well … negative. They are among the signs that are easily sucked into despair and melancholy and even temptation if no one is looking after them. You can also say that this roots to the Scorpio's ruling planet Pluto. In mythology, Pluto is the God of death. Among the planets, it is the sign of the underworld.

It is good to note as well that Pluto is often regarded as the god of beginnings and endings. The planet Pluto is known as "the great renewer" which accounts for them being dynamic and flexible to changes. They are the type who are no afraid of ending something if it means it will be a start of a new and better episode.


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