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Scorpio in the Work Place

It can be very difficult to work with a Scorpio as a co-worker. They are very ambitious and very hard workers—in fact, they have a tendency to overwork in order to accomplish the goals they have for themselves or to make themselves look good in the eyes of their managers and supervisors. They will do whatever is necessary to meet goals that will make them look good in the eyes of their superiors and don’t care whose feet they must step on in order to accomplish those goals.

Scorpios work fine with co-workers within a team but they also work very well independently as well. In fact, you are likely to discover Scorpios much prefer to work alone where they can concentrate and focus on the work they need to do. They are also very intelligent, and if they discover a better way to accomplish the same end result they will do it even if it is not the way the company thinks the job should be done. This can at times cause conflict, but the Scorpio is able to handle the rules of authority without becoming defensive—it is one of the few situations when they know they are not the ones in control. However, it is one of the reasons they are so ambitious, this need to be in control, and only when they are in charge of how things are done can they be totally in control.

The Scorpio needs to be in charge professionally and does better in those jobs that will allow him the flexibility and freedom to be in control. Scorpios can excel in positions that allow them to be leaders, doctors, scientists and surgeons. Unfortunately their fear of competition also prevents them for sharing any keys of their success, so you will not find a successful Scorpio conducting any seminars that will tell others how they reached their goals. They will fear those same people will become more successful and even attempt to outdo them in the business arena.

If a Scorpio manages to become highly successful in business and achieves a large amount of wealth, he is not likely to let anyone know about it. He will attempt to hide his success and wealth for fear someone will try to take his money from him. They completely despise their rivals and cannot tolerate any kind of competition in their business or personal lives. Choosing professions in which they can excel without worrying about the competition is why they do better in careers that allow them to make a name for themselves on their own.

While they might become successful school administrators, they would not likely do well as teachers because of their need to achieve success: they would always attempt to outdo the other teachers, possibly to the point of attempting to do things “their way” rather than following the rules of the school where they teach. On the other hand their high intelligence and desire to find things out on their own would make them perfect as tutors or private instructors. There would be no need in this environment for them to compete with anyone directly though they may discover competition in the field in general. This is likely to create havoc for the Scorpio and force him to

As long as you are not attempting to outdo the Scorpio you will have no problems working side by side with him. The problems develop when the Scorpio feels a co-worker is stifling his opportunity for advancement. In some situations this may not be a problem. For instance, the Scorpio like to research things on his own, and as such, he would do well working in a law firm doing research or working as a researcher in the corporate world.

One thing you will find about Scorpio is he will never ask for help but will choose to find out the answers on his own. In most companies employees find it easier to ask someone else how to do a task instead of finding out the answer on their own, but this is completely against the nature of the Scorpio. He enjoys taking the time to find out the answers on his own and will only ask for help when it comes to asking where to find the answers he needs. For instance, if he is working on a project and the instructions are not clear, he will question where to find a resource that is clearer but he will not ask how to do the task.

Managers and supervisors have a high regard for Scorpios because of their ethical work habits and hard work. This can sometimes cause problems with other employees who may see this as favoritism. In the eye of the Scorpio there is no favoritism because he is just doing the job he is being paid to do—the fact he happens to work harder to accomplish it than the rest of the employees is of little concern to him. If you complain you are not likely to receive a positive response from him but may receive a blank stare as he questions your motives—he does see anything wrong with what he is doing, and in his eyes working harder than everyone else is not wrong. It will help him achieve his own goals.

The Scorpio is not a very social individual and is not likely to join the office gossip crowd at the water cooler. He finds this kind of behavior useless and wasteful. While some people may see this as anti-social and unfriendly behavior, this is not really the case. In fact, while the Scorpio will not participate in office socializing, he will be the first one to step forward if a co-worker needs some kind of financial help. In fact, he will be the first one to organize a fund raiser but will do it anonymously because he does not want the recognition.

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