Make a scorpio woman fall in love with you

Getting the attention of a Scorpio woman is easy enough; getting her to fall in love with you is a totally different story. They are usually quiet and keep to themselves but they do try to socialize once in a while. They're just very picky so they don't agree to go out with just about anyone else. If you find yourself lucky enough to be with them on a date, know that you have a big chance of sealing the deal with a kiss so to put it bluntly, don't screw it up. Scorpios can get turned off easy so try to watch what you say and do when you're with her. If she gives you a chance to see her more it means she trusts you so don't break that trust and her heart. You should also know she's jealous so try to give her as much time as you can. Now to get her to blush and take you a bit more seriously than just a friend that she can trust, try to turn your charm a notch higher.

1) Give her a nice surprise in the form a gift once in a while. Scorpios doesn't need to be showered by presents. They realize sincerity and affection is much more important than any tangible things. On the other hand, they also need security and assurance in the form of something they can see and hold. It doesn't have to be expensive of course who's to stop you if you can afford it? Diamonds are a girl's best friend after all. But what's important here is the message behind it. So call it cliche but get her a token of your affection. It could be something you made or had customized just for her like a nice music box or a maybe a custom made locket. Or something that she's interested in like accessories for her camera if she's into photography or something to remind her about beaches and the outdoors if she's into traveling. You get the drift.

2) Whisper sweet and reassuring words to her every now and then. Scorpios are emotional and need positive vibes all the time and it's no different when it comes to a relationship so tell her you love her every now and then. Don't wait for an occasion or a romantic moment. Just say it while you're sitting on the train or having lunch at a local deli or when she least expects it. Tuck her hair behind her ear, pinch her nose and do those sweet little gestures and you're sure to sweep her off her feet.

3) Make sure she sees the qualities that she's looking for in you. This potent sign needs reassuring not just with words. Hold her at the cinema or on the couch when you're watching the news. Squeeze her hands when you're walking along the park. Make sure she feels you're always there to protect her but make sure to try not to suffocate here because she's a dominant sign. Make her feel you have the important qualities she looks for in a person like being organized and disciplined. Tell her your plans for the future and let her know she's in it.

4) Look in her eyes when you say something. Trust and loyalty is very important to a Scorpio so make sure you show her that. Not looking at her will only earn distrust. Words are important to her but body language is too. So look at her when you talk, specially about serious and important issues; this way she feels the sincerity in both words and actions.

5) Make sure you can keep up with her sexual needs. Scorpios are very sexual owing to their ruling house and planet. Don't be surprised when she asks for it often. Most men think women can't keep up with them but it's very different int he case of a Scorpio. Try to make sure you're one step ahead of her by keeping her on her toes. Think of new ideas you can both try in bed to keep things fun and exciting.


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