Plan your date with a scorpio man

Are you ready to plan a great date with a scorpio man?

If you’re considering making the first move instead of waiting for the Scorpio man of your dreams to ask you for a date, you need to know the types of activities that may be of interest to his highly energetic personality. There are some things that are not going to be appealing to a Scorpio—or at least not as much as other things. If you want to keep the dating experience exciting for both you and your Scorpio man, you must first plan the types of activities you are going to do together.

One of the first things to remember is a Scorpio likes to be in control of the situation. Even if you make the first move, he wants to be the one to choose where to go—or at least to think he was part of the equation. If you want to make your first date with a Scorpio man a huge success, you have to allow him to think he made all the choices and that your date was successful because of his input. A Scorpio man does not like to be controlled by a woman, and if he thinks you are starting to control him, he is likely to resort to anger which may possibly kill any chance you have for a second chance.

Scorpio men like to go places that involve the outdoors. He enjoys any type of outdoor recreation but is partial to water sports of all types. He will be pleased with a day at the beach, on a boat, fishing expedition or water skiing. Scorpio men also enjoy parties, social gatherings, charities and many other events. They are especially happy attending events where they can mingle with successful people. Even at these affairs it is important to let your date take charge and don’t attempt to make yourself into the life of the party.

While you may on occasion find your Scorpio man enjoying dinner and a movie, this is not the usual course he will take. However, if this does happy you want to dress to impress. Remember, Scorpios are highly sexual so if you want to end the evening with intimacy, you want to tease him throughout the night. That doesn’t mean you should dress in revealing clothing but rather dress to tease and tantalize rather than to show everything you have before you finish the evening.

Be careful what you say and do when you are around a Scorpio man. Keep in mind he is very vain and is prone to jealousy. You need to focus your attention on him—after all, he is your date for the evening. If you run into people you know, it isn’t necessary to be rude, but you don’t want to spend too much time chatting with them either. Never invite anyone to join your table while you are on a date with a Scorpio man because it will cause him to feel neglected because the attention is no longer on him.

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