Scorpio Employees

Scorpios in the Work Force

The Scorpio Employee

Anyone who hires a Scorpio is lucky to have him on their team. They are ideal employees and are very professional in different levels.

If you're managing a Scorpio, be sure to be true to your words. Breaking a promise or giving them false information will be the start of the decline of a good working relationship. You don't want to loose a Scorpio employee because they can be very passionate about their work, they will give all they have to reach goals and deadlines. They are motivated people and can be totally consumed about finding ways to make ends meet. They make their jobs their career and carry it wherever they go. For example, someone who is working on marketing and promotion can apply everything they see to work even when they are on vacation. They get irate when they see a good promo poster better than theirs. They can be obsessive about the output of their work and are very anal they notice the smallest things.

They are independent and can go on with very little or no supervision. They are self-sufficient and doesn't need others to tell them what to do. The initiative they have is something most employers look for when hiring people. The drive and determination they possess are key qualities that will make sure work is done. When assigned a task they don't only make sure it gets done the way it was asked to be done, they try to make it better. They can take a great deal of responsibility and they take it very seriously.

One of the best things about a Scorpio employee is their ability to keep their private lives separate from their work. They will mostly keep to themselves and concentrate on their tasks no matter how big or small it is. Treat them bad, though, and they won't back down. They try to act with professionalism but won't take things lying down if they are pushed. Again, he will treat the people around him the way he is treated.

You might want to give them challenging tasks because, although they tend to be routinely, a Scorpio likes to do things that make them think. They are mellow people but they get bored with things if they don't use their brains for it. Make sure their assignments are something that can be considered a puzzle or something they will have to exert effort for.

Although they are naturally authoritative and controlling they don't have a problem submitting to their superior if they know it will get them to their goal. They understand the importance of giving respect mostly because they want to get the same from their superiors, co-workers and staff. A Scorpio treats people the way they want other people to treat them so if you want to motivate a Scorpio make sure you treat them well and know that their efforts doesn't got unnoticed. You should also try to give him a voice and make sure his suggestions are considered or taken seriously. In return, they will appreciated this try to do even better. A Scorpio is very loyal so treat him well and he will be your most precious accomplice.


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