Make a scorpio woman fall in love with you


Valentine Gift Ideas for Your Scorpio Boyfriend

Men are always harder to give presents to. They don't get easily distracted by shiny things like women in general do. Yes, although Scorpio women are seen as people with "depth" they still won't say no to a random gem encrusted bracelet that you didn't think about. On the other hand, no one, even a man, would appreciate getting something last minute and not thought about. Especially for a special occasion. At least it's common knowledge that women like shiny things so there was some thinking involved, eh? So how do you pick a present to a Scorpio who might sting if he finds out you got your present from the valentine's special rack on your way to ... doing the groceries, for example? Here are some ideas.
1) Try to appeal to his mysterious side. It's common knowledge that a Scorpio has a "darker side" that they prefer to keep a secret. It doesn't necessarily mean it's bad. They just like keeping to themselves. Or at lease have things and activities they can think of as theirs alone. But since you're a couple, especially if you're a new couple, you'd like to make him open up. The thing is, you shouldn't push him. If that's your dilemma, this idea should work for you. Since Scorpios like mystery, get him a book or DVDs of the crime and mystery genre. The book could be something you've read already or planning to read. You can talk about it and see how he liked it and compare notes. You can snuggle in the couch watching the DVDs with a glass of wine. Or just popcorn. Scorpios doesn't have anything against popcorn.
2) Try for his adventurous side. Scorpios are not always so emo. They may seem like that at times, make no mistake about that, but they have a fun and adventurous side. They have a taste for the eccentric that would be fun to explore. Give him the thrill he secretly craves for by arranging an out of town trip with surf lessons or parasailing. If you think he'd enjoy something indoors then get him a membership to a wallclimbing club, a gun club or indoor go carting. If you want to make it more personal, arrange for a scavenger hunt and don't tell him what his prize is. Give hints but let him figure it out for himself.
3) Try to appeal to his personal and emotional side. Again, no one would want a half-baked present. Some people may choose to be nonchalant about it. Not a Scorpio. He takes things seriously. Especially relationships. A half-baked present may seem like a half-baked relationship for him so tread carefully. They take special offense to small things most people don't think of. Write him a letter. Tell him you don't know what present would be deserving of his taste. Stroke his ego. He'd love that.
4) Try for his sensual side. This doesn't need explanation. They say the most quiet are also the most kinky. See if it's the same for him. If not, you'll still have fun anyway. Wear a nice lingerie in his favorite color that night and don't tell him. Be suggestive but let him find out for himself. 
5) If all else fails, go for his material side. Get him the perfume he always thought of getting but haven't. Or the new RPG game he's been waiting on forever. 

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