Scorpio and Virgo Compatibility

Scorpio and Virgo Compatibility


There is a lot of potential for these two signs. Basically, they are very compatible. Being an Earth sign, Virgos have a practical approach in life. They feel the need to analyze every single thing in they come across . In business, these two can be a successful pair if they learn to use their traits to their advantage. It might be hard for them to see eye to eye at first since the Scorpio is the one that take risks and the Virgo likes to take things slow to see what other options they have. What they can do, though, is to figure out which one does a task. In their case, a Virgo is the best bet to plan and weigh things and guide a Scorpio through the way. The latter, on the other hand, is the doer so he will carry out the plan. Virgo should keep a close watch to make sure Scorpio doesn't make any turns that weren't consulted or not part of the plan. Virgos are good administrators, research analysts and managers because they plan ahead. The hesitant Virgo worries about everything which roots to insecurity. They always think something might go wrong. They like to know they have other people to run to just in case. This a perfect entrance for Scorpio. They know how to boost other people's egos because they, too, seek that security. They will benefit from the insecure Virgo if they want to have the final say in any conversation. The thing that they need to avoid is for the Virgo to manipulate the Scorpio. There are subtle ways to ask a Scorpio or stir their direction to do something. Scorpios are very independent and usually know what they're doing so most of the times there's no need to tell them what to do. A Scorpio is defensive too so they may just reject an idea that is pushed to them, altogether.


Emotionally, they are somewhat at the same level. An insecure Virgo is needy and clingy but can be very caring and sweet too. These characteristics helps a Scorpio to get the loyalty and devotion he wants to get. Since Scorpios tend to be domineering they would take a shot at upstaging the Virgo but it won't be a problem because the latter doesn't really like the spotlight. A Virgo might find Scorpio a bit wild and restless. Normally it is the Scorpio that is tame but a Virgo is an Earth sign and they seek stable grounds to walk on. In dating, they are open minded and gives the other person a bit of leeway but once they commit they wouldn't want anyone lurking around their partner because they tend to be jealous. Scorpios are usually attractive people and that may pose a problem. Virgos are shy so they may find Scorpio's confident behavior a bit too much but in a way, Scorpio can channel their confidence to their partner so you can say that in this relationship, what each person lacks will be provided by the other. If they can see past the differences, they can have a very meaningful and contented life together. If not, they can be good friends at best. Expect a lot of lavish vacations when these two get together because a Virgo knows how to appreciate the finer things in life whereas when Scorpios plan something for their loved ones they go all out. In this relationship, both will try to be the pleaser. They will take care of each other in ways that no other sign can. This can be a great partnership that is long term and can lead to marriage.


Scorpio might find Virgo too shy in bed. Scorpios like their bed activities with kink. A more experienced Virgo, however, has this need too. Particularly the male ones. Virgos aim to please and will do what they can to make sure their partners receive maximum pleasure in bed. A Scorpio, on the other hand is both a giver and a taker but more of a taker. They like doing their own thing in bed. Together, these two can work out on how to master their own "skills" for a more pleasurable and strong sexual relationship.


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