Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility

Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility


Some zodiacs may be on the opposite sides of the wheel but they can sometimes be considered compatible and that is the case of the Scorpio - Taurus pair. The first is a fixed water sign while the other is a fixed earth sign. This tells they can both be stubborn and unyielding but the passion they possess will let them see through every road blocks they encounter. What's impressive about this couple is that they can use their individual characteristics to reach a common goal and surprisingly, no matter how different these features can be, they get to their destination with ease. They also have a lot of things in common. Both are good in finances and investments so, financially, they can be very successful together. They have ambition and determination to fulfill it. Their similarities draw them together but their differences are the what keeps them together. They are both quiet on the front and only open up to people they are close with. They might find their egos clash but they will have fun proving their point instead of getting worked up over it. They are both loyal and like staying indoors. A Taurus can be caring and domesticated, they need someone to take care of and a Scorpio needs someone to take care of them so when they usually end up being a good match. Being possessive is another characteristic they both share so they won't mind each other demanding a bit more from one another. Between the two though, a Taurus is a bit more combustible. Small things tend to make them blow up. Scorpios are calm and mellow and will make them see reason. The bull will be the huge one that never backs down and will fight head on, while the Scorpio is the quiet type but anyone who crosses their path needs to be careful because he stings. A Scorpio and a Taurus will end up either loving or hating each other. It's a matter of synchronizing their differences to make it work to their advantage. Overall, these two can be a power couple.


Taurus offers Scorpio the love and devotion that they long for. The latter might be authoritative and controlling but he needs someone to take care of him in a way he can't do to himself. He is drawn to the bull's independent but caring nature. The bull protects and nurtures. They keep the Scorpio in tune with reality as they can get lost with their fantasies, being a water sign. Taurus can also be patient with the person they love and will give a lot of leeway to the Scorpio's mood swings and occasional melancholia. In time, their bond becomes stronger and smoother. There are a few bumps on the road and at times the Taurus might be surprised to find out something new about the Scorpio even if they've already known each other for a while but the discovery is usually accepted in a positive way.


The Bull and the Scorpio brings the passion they have in bed. The Taurus is sensual and the Scorpio is emotional and those two combined is great for love making. Both of these signs believe it is an act that can make their bond even stronger. They are both erotic and this union of souls will cause explosive fireworks for both of them.


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