Scorpio and scorpio Compatibility

Scorpio and scorpio Compatibility


A relationship with couples of the same sign usually work out well because of the similarities in attitude and personality. Scorpios are drawn to each other's mysterious persona and passionate character. Although they aren't the talkative bunch they will know how to communicate with each other. Body language plays a big part with their communication. A single touch or a simple glance can send meaningful messages that only the two of them can understand. They respect each other's secrets but are bound to open up, anyway, because of the mutual trust they will earn fast. They will love the passion each other emanates for whatever cause they are out to support. Neither of them does things to "get by." They go all out and they will admire that about one another. There is no middle ground. They are likely to be a power couple if they can find ways to get through bumps on the road that they will encounter and there can be big ones. Probably, the biggest problem these two will have is the power struggle. This is something that is bound to happen from day one. Both being fixed signs, they will argue their point and has a big tendency not to bend to each other's will. Having the same personality doesn't mean these two also have the same beliefs. Again, when they feel strong about something (and they always do) they will give everything they can to support it unless they are proven wrong and even when they are they'll just be (depending on their maturity level) very vindictive and bitter about it. Matured Scorpios can be highly likable because they can play their strengths and even their weaknesses to their advantage. An under developed one, on the other hand, can be a nuisance and even self destructive. Their negative traits will over power the better ones so once you counter them they will turn to the defensive. To sum it up this relationship can either be constructive or destructive. It depends on the couple whether they will make it work or not.


The main thing a Scorpio looks for in another sign is the commitment and devotion that they can offer so being with the similar sign will seem like a relationship made in heaven. When they bond their souls get entwined in an exciting and stirring relationship that no other similar sign relationship can reach. The male Scorpio is an alpha male and although they exude power mentally and physically, they are also emotional and have egos that can get hurt easy. The female Scorpio is also emotional but is usually more affectionate. They are both strong, though, so in most ways so they're perfect for each other. They will try to please their partners and with Scorpios, if their partners are pleased, so are they. What they need to avoid is getting in an argument because it's easy for things to go south when they argue.


Scorpios try to look their best all the time so they They are both animalistic when it comes to bed and will enjoy frantic sex. Scorpios have high libidos and before they know it they'll be in bed and won't want to leave. They may look tame or even prude in public but they are very different in bed. Experimenting is an everyday thing for them so once they find each other's switch it will never get boring in bed.


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