Scorpio and sagittarius Compatibility

Scorpio and sagittarius Compatibility


Being secretive is not a Scorpio's way to snag a partner. It's just in their nature and actually more like a defense mechanism. Sagittarius people likes solving puzzles and a Scorpio is a live and walking one they would love to chase. For the Sag, Scorpio is a challenge that they can't pass up. Scorpios doesn't open up easy mostly because they are scared to get hurt. When they do though, they go all out but a Sagittarius needs to work hard on it. These two are highly likely to meet in places they both frequent. Their signs are beside each other on the zodiac wheel so they will have a lot of interests in common like arts and music. They can be good business partners because they aren't scared to take risks if they believe they can profit on something. They are very analytical when it comes to investments but financially, a Scorpio can be more tight fisted. A Sagittarius' risk taking doesn't end with financial investments. He can also be a gambler and although a Scorpio would visit casinos every once in a while, a Sagittarius can get hooked. When this happens, things can go down south fast for the two of them. A Scorpio would love to have fun with the Sag and they will have good times is very responsible and won't be able to stand a Sagittarius' careless ways. Scorpio has the tendency to feel that they are always left with the responsibilities in this partnership. A Scorpio values privacy and a Sagittarius is basically an open book. There is a sense of boundary that the Sag needs to learn if they want to go a long way with the Scorpio. Another thing a Sag needs to watch out for is their choice of words. They are honest and open people to the point of being tactless (and even sarcastic) and a Scorpios ego can get easily hurt. They're not very patient too so whether the Sag means well is not a factor. Scorpios can be subjective and will only hear what they want to hear.


Sagittarius can be carefree and sarcastic but they can be as romantic as every other prince charming out there. If they want to. Romantic dinners and weekends at the beach will sweep the Scorpios off their feet. They will find the Sag's flirty text messages and physical gestures too sweet to ignore. Scorpios should be a bit careful though because it's in a Sagittarius' nature to flirt. The Sag, on the other hand, should make sure they are serious before they go and try to win the Scorpio's heart. The latter values trust and loyalty more than anything else. As much as it's hard to earn a Scorpio's trust, it's more easy to lose it so make sure you intend to keep them. Scorpios look for commitment and can be very jealous and possessive. The Sagittarius are claustrophobic … well, figuratively. They don't like being cornered or like the feeling of being boxed in. Their natural instinct is to look for the nearest exit once they hear the word commitment. Simply put, committing is not their best trait. Romantically, this partnership is a struggle. It's highly unlikely to work out.


The Scorpio is probably one of the best sex partners a Sagittarius can ever have because a Scorpio governs the 8th house which is the house of birth, rebirth and regeneration. It covers health, finances, investments reproducing and sex. Scorpios are very sexual and probably experiments in bed more than any other zodiac would. A Sag needs someone to keep them interested and trying out new things in the sack will definitely keep them on their toes. A Scorpio never runs out of tricks. The thing is, although they don't mind one night stands, a Scorpio will eventually look for commitment and a Sag is not big on commitments. At best, they can be good friends with benefits.


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