Scorpio and Leo Compatibility

Scorpio and Leo Compatibility


This partnership can be difficult, although not impossible to work out. Both of them should be ready to make sacrifices if they want things to go their way. These two are the same on an intellectual level, one of the things that they have in common, and when they master it, they can be a power couple. They provide what each other needs. A Leo brings out the best in a Scorpio. Being ruled by the sun, he brings warmth and radiates light. He also has enthusiasm and energy that the Scorpio will find appealing while Leo will find the Scorpio someone to support their dreams and ambitions in life. A Scorpio can be very focused and can be the foundation of Leo's plans. Both Scorpio and Leo have huge egos and that can be the destruction of their relationship. On the front, it will seem hard for any of these signs to yield, both being under fixed elements. If they don't see eye to eye they will find themselves on a never ending power battle. These two need to be careful and make sure they try their best to understand each other. For Scorpio, it is the love that makes them try to see reason, for Leo it is more on logic. The Scorpio, is a water sign so they are more mellow and will be like a balm to the Leo's flaming personality. These two zodiacs have huge egos and that makes them understand the importance of respecting each other's pride. Also, this way the Leo earns Scorpio's trust. Eventually, Scorpio will open up to Leo. These two should learn to use the stubbornness that they have in ways that can work for them. Instead of being competitive they should try to work on focusing their energies on how make money or work on a strong relationship. These two, depending on the path they choose, can either become great friends or enemies.


Jealousy is a big part of their romantic relationship. Scorpios may be too jealous and demanding for the Leo. However, Leo can pacify this because he fills in whatever a Scorpio lacks. Leos have a way of making the latter feel secure not only about the relationship but also about themselves. In arguments, a Scorpio can hold grudges but so does the Leo. The thing is, they know how to break the ice too. They both love hearing compliments (especially the Leo) so a little bit of that can make things better again. Expect a lot of lavish vacations when these two get together because a Leo knows how to appreciate the finer things in life whereas when Scorpios plan something for their loved ones they go all out. In this relationship, both will try to be the pleaser. They will take care of each other in ways that no other sign can. This can be a great partnership that is long term and can lead to marriage.


If there's one thing that these two are good at it's sex. There is a big physical attraction between these two signs. In fact, this is the initial thing that draws them together. Everything else comes after. Whether or not they will stay together depends on what happens after they get over the sexual tension … if they ever do. Sex between these two signs will be amazing and mind blowing. The Scorpio rules the 8th House which represents rebirth and regeneration. It is also associated with sex so Scorpios are naturally "gifted" in this department. Leos, on the other hand, are naturally playful and love to live life to the fullest so they will be open to trying things with the Scorpio. If all else fails these two can have a great sexual relationship.


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