Scorpio and Gemini Compatibility

Scorpio and Gemini Compatibility


In the case of Scorpio and Gemini, opposite poles does not attract. These two aren't worlds apart but theirs is not the ideal partnership you could come across. At best, these two can have a passionate relationship but without much foundation. For starters, a Gemini is naturally chatty and this bothers the quiet Scorpio. Scorpios like to keep to themselves and the Gemini can be social butterflies. They like making friends and new acquaintances which is not really a problem with the Scorpio at first. The Gemini's bubbly personality is actually one of the things that draws a Scorpio. After a while though, the attraction wanes off. They will find the Gemini is too frivolous and superficial for their taste. Geminis are not much of a family person. They aren't very domesticated and you might see them socializing with friends or having fun at family gatherings but they prefer to go out than to stay home. The Scorpio tends to find a Gemini childish and irresponsible. Immature, even. Geminis prefer to have fun with a bunch of people. It doesn't matter if they don't know each other personally, they love being part of a big group and telling people "I was there last night!" Scorpios prefer to spend time with


Gemini's socializing is probably the biggest thing that can affect this relationship. Gemini has a lot of friends of either the same or opposite sex. They love going out and meeting new people. They also sometimes flirt without knowing they are and the Scorpio will just not stand for this. A Scorpio is very demanding in a lot of things but even more so when it comes to relationships. The jealousy meter of a Scorpio spikes up if they even see you talking to at least a presentable member of the opposite sex. They are very possessive but if they won't stand for a Gemini's flirty nature, a Gemini wouldn't stand for the Scorpio's possessiveness and jealous outbursts either. They don't like the feeling of being caged in and Scorpio can make them feel that way. Scorpios are also emotional and even though Geminis are showy about their feelings, they get skittish when things turn serious. They are more logical and prefer to see things in black and white and black and white is far from how a Scorpio see things. The Gemini loves having fun and they prefer it to stay that way. They want too much freedom and independence whereas a Scorpio looks for commitment and serious relationships.


Geminis beauty and brains, not to mention a huge load of sex appeal, is irresistible for a Scorpio. The latter will also find a Gemini challenging. The Gemini might not be a huge fan of the Scorpio's mysterious effect as most people are but Geminis are naturally accepting people. They are open to try new things. They will find their sexual relationship sporadic. Either they will hate it or love it. A Scorpio does not shy away from a one night stand but they eventually look for something with more meaning. Sex is something they see more as a union of souls and Gemini might find this a bit too silly. There is a lot of sacrifices and effort to be exerted for this type of relationship to work out.


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