Scorpio and Capricorn Compatibility

Scorpio and Capricorn Compatibility


Scorpio and Capricorn aren't what people would call the perfect match but they come very close. They have so many things in common that it's impossible for their relationship to work out, specially if they want it to. The first thing they notice about each other is their quiet and mysterious demeanor. A Capricorn is reserved and sometimes shy while the Scorpio is aloof and secretive. This draws them to each other only to find out they have more than that to share. The Scorpios are good at what they do. They are ambitious and works hard for what they want to achieve. A Capricorn, on the other hand, is known to be hard working and very career-oriented. When they discover this thing that they share it will make their bond tighter and they would want to know more about each other. Both of them have a serious nature and although they know how to have fun they prefer not to take things lightly but, as much as possible, do everything with a passion. These two prefer to do things by the book and have set rules in almost everything they do. They also usually have their priorities organized from the very beginning and that works out for both of them. The Capricorn should avoid being too dominant with the Scorpio because a Scorpio likes to have things his way. He will give a little leeway but he doesn't like to be pushed around or told what to do. A well developed Capricorn has a dominant personality so they should tone this down a little bit to avoid disagreements. In socializing, they prefer to spend quiet times with a small group of friends rather than huge and loud crowds. That is if they even go out at all. These two can sometimes see social gatherings as an obligation and not a way to have fun. They like to be around people they know and trust.


In a romantic relationship, loyalty and trust comes first for both of them. They won't even be in the relationship if they don't trust each other. They are both emotional and sensitive but they don't really let it show right away. The one thing that may stand in the way is that a Capricorn can be too reserved it is actually hard for them to express their emotions. For them, showing how they really feel can be a sign of weakness so they prefer not to let it show. In truth they are hopeless romantics and are just waiting for that person to sweep them off their feet. A Scorpio, on the other hand, is very touchy and showy, he doesn't care if he shows it in public. He is the type who needs to be constantly assured by words and, most especially, actions. He needs for the world to know that this person belongs to him. In a way, a Scorpio can be insecure, jealous and possessive but these are flaws that give a Capricorn the security that they are always looking for.


These two have a very promising sexual relationship. In terms of energy, the Scorpio has so much of it most people couldn't keep up. A Capricorn who seems reserved and almost too calm can be an animal behind closed doors. They have a lot of sexual fantasies that needs the right partner to perform because their fantasies can actually be very kinky. Both have a sexual appetite that takes time to satiate so expect a lot of time alone whether at home or on exotic places. All in all, this is a very promising partnership.


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