Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility

Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility

This will be a hard match, to say the least. A lot of sacrifices and compromises should be done if these two want their relationship to work out. The differences between these two are worlds apart that there will be a lot of arguments that could come even from the smallest things. An Aquarius, for example, has a lot of friends that they can hardly keep up with all of them. They are very social and loves attending big gatherings from political and sports events to rave parties and public gatherings. They love being part of a crowd and being seen in the crowd. The Scorpio values having a very few select friends. Those that they know they can trust and are comfortable with just sitting on a lounge and discussing whatever comes to mind. The water-bearer's fun and receptive personality can draw the Scorpio's attention but this will eventually tire him since he's a very intimate and private person. One thing that they have in common is the passion to succeed in their chosen career. But even that can pose a problem. A Scorpio will drop everything he's busy with when his partner asks him to but this is not something that can be expected from an Aquarius. The water bearer is very career oriented and being very practical, they would want to make sure everything is in place before they plan to do something else. Being in a relationship with someone is not an excuse for them to leave their responsibilities behind. This is where it becomes ironic because a Scorpio is supposed to be the responsible person and the Aquarius is the flexible one. But for the water-bearer, work is work and responsibilities are responsibilities. They take it very seriously like a Scorpio takes everything seriously. The one who is not flexible now becomes the go with the flow type. If there's one thing a Scorpio and an Aquarius share the strongest, it's the stubbornness they both get from being fixed signs. This is something they need to get over if they want to reach an understanding of any sort.

ROMANTIC COMPATIBILITY A Scorpio is known to be emotional and rely mostly on intuition whereas the Aquarius is very practical and balanced in almost every aspect of their lives. Even with romance. The Scorpio is only aloof with people that he doesn't know or trust. He can be very sweet that the Aquarius might want to gag. Yes the water bearer have a lot of peers but not necessarily friends. They are mostly acquaintances from school, or a party or some other organization or event that they are a part of. When Scorpios are in love, they are just in love to the point of being one-track minded. They will plan long holidays with their partner and will try to go spend as much time with them. The Aquarius make plans too but they are mostly along the lines of how to secure their future together. Another issue that will pose threat to the relationship is the Scorpios possessive and jealous nature. An Aquarius has a lot of friends of the opposite sex so a Scorpio should learn to respect that. On the other hand, the Aquarius should not do anything to make the Scorpio doubt them in any way.

SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY Sexually, this relationship can be promising. They are both highly charged and share creative talents behind closed doors. The water-bearer is naturally naughty and the Scorpio just has an insatiable sexual appetite. If anything, these two can become great lovers. The Scorpio is very loyal and does not cheat but he can play around when he's not attached and will probably give the Aquarius the ride worth remembering.


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