Make a scorpio woman fall in love with you

Lesbian Scorpio

Since Scorpio is considered to be one of the most intense of all signs, it is expected to manifest even in the soft but warrior-like character of a lesbian Scorpio. Having the same features as that of a woman but with the will and heart to win over someone with almost the same sexuality but who’s more feminine of course, this type of personality depicts strongly of how complex such sign, in general, is. Lesbian Scorpio aren’t necessarily butch types though there are some out there who would rather look more like males and try to conceal their vulnerability that is the female who will eventually attract more males than people of the same sex. Lesbian Scorpios like embracing their masculine side more but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they would feel all macho and would flaunt muscles or do push-ups in front of anyone to give emphasis of their sex. In relationships, for example, they would prefer to be the more dominant one than their partner. They tend to have the final say especially in important decisions. They have the sense to hear their partner out but only for show at times because once a Scorpio makes a decision, they will stick to it and would even go out of their way to prove their point. So make no mistake thinking that lesbians in this sign are easily lured into changing their minds into being straight females because one of their strongest points is knowing what they want. Telling them what’s “good for them” will make them think you’re trying to trick them into doing anything that they will regret and it’s not exactly a great way to get them to like you. They chose this path for a reason and, unlike other indecisive people. Scorpios usually know what’s best for themselves.

Like other Scorpios, she is bound to remain this Pandora’s Box filled with mystery and intends to keep herself that way. Whatever secret you think she keeps might be true and she will never spill it out however way you think she’d burst. Coming out of the closet in a very judgmental society may be hard for them. They can keep their real feelings for as long as they seem fit but when they do come to terms with it, they won’t care what other people has to say. They’re not the type to flaunt their status because Scorpios were never known to even say how they feel outright in the first place. They like to keep things personal being ruled by the planet Pluto.

Their status is not really a big deal to them. A Scorpio will see anyone they think are worth spending time with and getting to know with. Whether it’s male, female, lesbian or gay, a Scorpio will see them as equal. It’s best not to judge this person because, if anything, a Scorpio is a great ally. You’d want this one on your side.

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