Make a scorpio woman fall in love with you

Scorpio men

Men having Scorpio sun sign have the ability to attract women, possessing a magnetic quality. They are very passionate, but often hesitate to express their feelings in public. They are also found to be short tempered and are over protective towards the one whom they love. They will work hard to make a relationship successful or else the relationship will not exist for them at all. They will give full justice to whatever they take up.

Scorpio men as fathers

The most important personality trait of a Scorpio father is that he will have a strict demeanour in front of his children. He will also be over concerned for his children which may also lead to restricting them, followed by an expectation of disciplined behaviour.

Strict personality: Men who possess Scorpio sun sign are of a stern personality and as a father, they are rather strict with their children. Often they would find it difficult to express their emotions and would rather present a harsh personality and so at times their children may find it difficult to understand them. They will have very high expectations from their children in everything. They will try to build a sense of energy in their children which comes with strict discipline. Even their children will be scared to cross the boundaries set by their Scorpio father and will be very much familiar with what should they expect from their Scorpio father.

Protective: A Scorpio man is possessive, so a Scorpio father will act a little more protective towards his children. A Scorpio father will easily understand what is going on in the minds of his children, what their emotions are. He can take care of them and can sense his child’s problems even if they do not disclose them. At times, he may become over protective, which may suffocate his children. But he does that only to get the best for them. As he is concerned about getting the best future for his children, he may become a little more restrictive.

Discipline: A Scorpio dad may expect disciplined behaviour from his children and also he will demand respect from his children for everyone. He would not like to be advised by others about dealing with his children. However, he needs to learn to express his emotions in front of his children. He will prepare himself fully for parenting and take up the new responsibilities quite early.

Hence, a Scorpio father will ensure the best upbringing that he can provide for his children. The Scorpio father may even set up an example for his children. He can be their inspiration and their children may admire him for his characteristics. He possesses a secretive personality keeping things to himself and needs to demonstrate some emotions to his children to be friendly. He may prove to be a great father for his kids. A child just needs to understand and be able to read the darker side of the Scorpio father.

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