Make a scorpio woman fall in love with you

Scorpio is the singular sun sign on the horoscope chart that is naturally aggressive; however they can very well camouflage their aggression. Their aggression is more along the lines of passion, both towards people and work, so much so that it can also be considered dangerous. They can be fierce friends or lovers, and most subtle. They retain the capacity to gaze into the eyes of another person, and lock them in a trance. The most searching, piercing look they are capable of casting that will dig into your soul and engulf all its secrets. However, they are not to be shied away from. With some patience from people around them, Scorpions can get accustomed to them.

Also, Scorpios are likely to treat everyone around them as imbeciles. It is not a defense mechanism to keep people away, but an inherent quality. If in a conversation, the opinion of the Scorpion is not asked for, he or she will go ahead and say what they think. They do not cower or back down from voicing their opinion and debating over it, and will go to lengths to argue facts that may be out of their notice.

Some astrologers characterize Scorpios as: Scorpion, Eagles and the Grey Lizard. The Scorpion is poisonous, vengeful, greedy and merciless. The Eagles are noble, and fiercely loyal, reasonable and intellectuals. The Grey Lizard is the category of people among Scorpios who would be very dangerous, had they not been weak; painfully shy and can bite a friendly hand even though they may appear harmless.

Scorpio women are considered to be getting the work done, and putting people in their places. They are strong individuals and are very independent. While they may not be in the good books of other people, they are the achievers and influence their surroundings tremendously. Scorpio men are not only physically strong, but, they are also shrewd. Male Scorpios are endowed with a sharp mind, but they also have their emotions in the right place.

Scorpios turn adamant when their temper runs bad and it is best to avoid them at such times. The best approach would be to understanding and hold one’s calm when interacting with a Scorpio at such times. It is often up to the person other than the Scorpio himself to calm him down and make him see sense when rage blinds him.

For a Scorpio, the need to emerge triumphant is predominant, especially in a relationship. While women Scorpios keep their emotions to the two extremes of the visible spectrum, that of black and white; their love is as dangerous as is their hate. Male Scorpios like to toy with their partner’s emotions that grant them a sense of domination over their partner.

Scorpios are proud, and end up facing many hurdles in their lives, only to emerge from them stronger than before. Their aggression or passion makes people take note of them, depending in the light in which they portray themselves. They cannot be shunned for however they are and in spite of their egotism; Scorpios have humanitarian traits, which should be encouraged.

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