Make a scorpio woman fall in love with you

Neptune will continue to stay in Scorpio's house in 2014 as well. This means the trend of good times, romance and hope would continue. The New Year will be a hectic one for the Scorpio woman. Too much will be going on all fronts but this is no issue for the Scorpio woman who is well known for her charm and inner strength that enables her to meet challenges with ease.

Your professional life and finances will be high on your priority list. You will experience heightened intuition, which will help you in making the right career moves. The presence of Saturn and Jupiter in the first quarter of the year will bestow upon you new possibilities. Your pragmatism will ensure that you stay focused and determined to achieve your objectives.

In relationships, with the presence of Saturn, things might not be as stable and smooth as you expect. At such times, it is best to take things as they come and avoid making important decisions. ‘Expect the unexpected’ should be the mantra of the year. Accept whatever comes and keep moving. If you are single, show some self-belief to take things forward. Your shyness might prove to be an obstacle and will not help you improve matters. Remember to be patient with yourself till the end of the year.

As far as finances are concerned this is going to be a crucial year. You will need to be clear minded and realistic as you will be taking very important decisions that will affect your life in more ways than one. Some issues might require you to think carefully and maybe even seek expert advice. Saturn and Mars would come together in August, which is good news as this will keep you safe. Keep in mind to stay rooted on the ground.

An existential crisis is not ruled out this year and it is important you learn to manage your emotions. This is necessary for your overall wellbeing. The presence of Saturn will incite you to push your limits. There will be so much happening this year and you will need to do a lot in every aspect of your life. Take care that it does not sap your energy levels. Take steps to ensure that you do not get burnt out.

Health will be much better than the last few years when a bevy of long-term planets had ganged up against you. Now there are only two. However, the down side to this is that you might start taking your health for granted. You will have a very demanding family and work life this year and much of the health issues can be avoided if you can just learn to balance these two well.

No matter what happens this year, the end results will be just as fine and will help you to get into a new image that fits well with your current environment. Stay cool, calm and composed so that you can give your best to the year. Take whatever comes with great courage and keep moving ahead.

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